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Comprehensive Content Marketing Based Scalenut Review

In this Scalenut review, we will review Scalenut's features from an SEO perspective. Our Scalenut review will be unbiased and cover the good, the bad, how you should use it, and what we would like to see from it in the future.

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What is Scalenut?

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Scalenut is an on page SEO optimizer and generative AI SEO content writer. Their unique value is their natural language processing AI writing system that creates SEO friendly content that includes a variety of keywords and uses them in the proper frequency. Their content brief system is fantastic, and with their hybrid AI writer, you can write optimized SEO content with your intended focus within 5 minutes.

Who Should Use Scalenut

Scalenut is ideal for small business owners and marketing agencies who need a faster way to create SEO optimized content. There are two things that they do better than anyone, and are a critical component of our content creation process. They help you create content briefs by either providing an AI outline or allowing you to add headings based on your competitors in an extremely easy to use interface. Scalenut is also the best hybrid AI SEO article writer we have found. Single click AI article generators are becoming more common, but when you provide the structure for the content with a combined human AI process, you get significantly better results.

Scalenut Review - Key Features

Scalenut is attempting to be both a full AI writing system as well as an on page SEO tool. They offer a large variety of tools of varying uses.

Content Brief Creator

Scalenut's content brief creator is our must use feature. If you only use Scalenut for this single task, it will still be well worth the price. The content brief creator includes:

Heading Outline

The core of the system shows the heading structure for the top 30 competitors and provides an easy click to add and click to edit system to speed up the content brief creation process dramatically.

Commonly Asked Questions

They also have sections that include related questions from Google, Quora, reddit, as well as some AI generated questions. The questions tab helps get featured snippets or create an FAQ much easier.

Statistics Or Relevant Facts

The statistics tab includes facts related to the topic you are writing about. The value you get from this will depend on your bar for interesting facts. This always pulls information, but the quality of the information will depend on the availability of information, which doesn't always exist. We include a directly linked statistic around 20% of the time, but we read the pages that contain the facts around 80% of the time, making the research stage much easier.

Citations Or Common External Links

The citations section shows commonly linked pages that help you add external links. This feature is extremely valuable, which we find only sometimes find relevant sites. We always look through these but only find something we would link to around 10% of the time. Since the statistics section includes the pages we want to rank to anyway, this is a nice extra to see some commonalities among the competition.

Key Terms

This is the collection of keywords, their usage rates, and all examples and sites that use them. We prefer to focus on what we feel adds value and mostly ignore this in the content brief section, but it is valuable if you care about your competitors and want to do a deeper dive.

On Page SEO Optimizer - Article Writer

The article writer is the crux of the Scalenut software and is where you can write your article manually or through their AI system while getting a content grade on a combination of topics. They include the same scores for the standard word count, headings, and keyword usage as other similar tools, but in an elegant way. Their tool is straightforward to use and is some of the cleanest development I have ever seen. As a developer, that is not something I say lightly. You must use the tool to understand this, but it is highly satisfying.

What is unique to their editor is that it also adjusts your score based on answering a featured snippet and how many external links you have. Since Scalenut is both an on page optimizer and an AI writer, they have their AI templates built into their article writer - similar to the Surfer SEO and Jarvis integration without having to pay for two separate tools. You can quickly generate content from several AI templates in multiple places if you need to include a specific keyword phrase. You can also view competitors' usage of specific keywords and most information in the content brief.

Cruise Mode - Hybrid AI Article Writer

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No Scalenut review would be complete without giving cruise mode the praise it deserves. Cruise mode is a hybrid AI article writer that allows you to write an AI article through a quick multistep process that enables you to quickly create a content brief, include writing points for each paragraph, and generate a full AI article that is SEO optimized. This is the fastest SEO optimized article writer we have used anywhere.

Keyword Planner Featuring Semrush Topic Clusters

Scalenut's keyword planner creates a series of topic clusters containing sets of relevant keywords related to any keyword you enter. The usefulness and accuracy of this feature depend on the keyword you enter. This is great for getting new ideas for content, but I don't always agree with how some keywords are clustered. If you have a Semrush account, you can connect your account to power Scalenut's keyword planner with Semrush's topical clusters for more data and more accurate data. While this is improved if you have Semrush, it is not needed for it to be useful. Keyword planner isn't worth buying Scalenut for, but it is definitely nice to have if you don't have access to lots of SEO tools.

Content Optimizer

As far as I can tell, content optimizer is literally just the article writer without the content brief or cruise mode options. While the content brief and cruise mode options are why you buy this, if you need an on page optimizer for existing content, this will allow you to import website content for SEO optimization without using up your article writer credits. I understand why they don't include cruise mode in the optimizer, but it would be nice to incorporate external link recommendations, like the content brief. It does have a statistics panel, but the current design doesn't allow you to click to see the website, and that is the part I like the most about the statistics panel, so this oversight heavily limits the end functionality.

AI Content Writing Tools

Scalenut offers a full AI copywriting system complete with AI documents and AI for all the usual things, including social media posts, ads of varying types, review responders, and long form content writing. There are so many AI writers out there now that I prefer to focus on the long form content and SEO specific aspects and am not including an in depth review of the AI writing, but it does include everything that you need and has unlimited credits for the higher plans

What I Love About Scalenut

There are three main things I love about Scalenut - the content briefs, cruise mode, and that it has very accessible pricing for high output.

The Best Content Brief System I Have Seen

Some on page SEO tools don't have any content brief system, and others include them, but none are as good as Scalenut's. The ability to see all the ranking competitors' headings that can be easily scrolled through, added, and edited make the process so much faster for all types of articles. Having the questions, fact recommendations, and external links makes content briefs much quicker and more enjoyable, saving me around 45 minutes per article compared to doing it manually and around 30 minutes compared to other content brief systems that aren't as nicely designed.

Cruise Mode Is The Fastest Hybrid Ai Writer

There are four main types of AI writing systems, all based on the same open AI technology. The most popular is the chat style with chatGPT, then you have other AI writing tools like Jasper, one-click blog writers like Zimmwriter or Surfer AI, and hybrid systems like Scalenut. ChatGPT is best for AI communication but cannot create long form content and is awful at keyword density. Content creators give more control but take more work and time to write a long blog post. (let's take a moment to recognize the absurdity of this statement.) One click blog writers allow for less time, but you have less control over the end product. Hybrid writers will write an entire long form article for you while giving you complete control over the process.

A hybrid AI writer works in a series of steps. The steps in order are:

  1. Give details about what you want to write about.
  2. Give your article a title.
  3. Create a content brief.
  4. Add writing points.
  5. Review and add the content.

What makes this fantastic is that every part of this is written for you, and you can watch the AI generate this for you. If you don't want to manually edit or create the content brief, you don't have to because their AI already completed it for you. By editing the headline structure you can ensure the article takes the direction you want. The writing points are details about each section that you can add, delete, or edit to fix or fit your brand. Once you get the final product, you can quickly regenerate any paragraph you want with a single click based on the writing points you already gave.

Scalenut's cruise mode generates a full SEO optimized article complete with nlp terms in 5 minutes. Scalenut's Cruise mode frequently scores as high or higher on Surfer SEO's own content score than Surfer's one click AI writer for many topics but in less time, with more control, and for much cheaper.

Pricing Is Accessible At Scale

Scalenut has extremely accessible pricing because their plans come with a lot of article writers. Most people won't use more than 30 per month, but if you require a higher output, 75 is a lot of articles and comes out to less than $2 per article. This is already priced competitively for a content editor and content brief system, but to get the hybrid AI writer included without a per article cost is one of the best deals on the market. Even using GPT API tokens directly without paying for additional software would be between 40 cents and $2.50 per article without getting all the extra SEO features.

Needs Improvement - But In Development

Some things with Scalenut need some improvement. Many of these are design issues, but some are fundamental to the quality process and should be rethought.

Competitor Selection Isn't Possible

The ranking factors for all on page SEO tools are based on the ranking competitors. Word count, heading count, image count, keyword usage, and related keywords are all based on the selected competitors. Depending on the keyword phrase, not all competitors will have content that should be considered when writing an article. If you are writing a service page for a local business, you don't want your content to be based on Yelp or other directory listings that won't have relevant content. Scalenut uses the top 30 competitors and does not allow you to change this. Until they include competitor selection, they will not be the leading on page SEO tool or be a full Surfer SEO replacement.

Some UI Aspects Need Some Polish

Some minor design issues can be frustrating. On cruise mode, you can hover over the statistics to view the sourced website, but the tooltip popup is on the left side while the icon is on the right, so you can't click and view the website.

Needs Exportable Options

Scalenut does not allow you to export data. Some people don't want AI writing but would like to use Cruise Mode to create a content brief with writing points, but you can't do this because Scalenut doesn't allow you to export this. We have clients that buy content briefs and not writing, and it would be much easier if we could directly export at each stage. They also don't allow you to export the related terms to give to another writer. Adding exportable options would dramatically improve the usability of the tool.

What I Don't Like

Not every tool is perfect for every situation. Scalenut is a part of our everyday content creation, but some things may not be ideal for everyone.

User Account Pricing Not Built For Teams

You can only add additional users if you are on the highest plan, and additional users are $49 a month. This pricing model keeps costs down and prevents group buys but makes it expensive for team use. If you need to have multiple people access the system, the cost will add up.

Difficult To Send To Clients And Writers

Scalenut does allow you to send article writers to other people, but the features they can access are heavily locked down, and trying to use additional features will direct you to a login screen. The main reason for this is the unlimited AI writing, which makes sense, but it would be better if they removed the AI features so writers could more easily use what you send them. Not having fully accessible editors also makes these challenging to store externally. If you add them to an Excel sheet for future auditing or send them to freelancers, they won't have some of the basic features. This is problematic since these are part of the normal SEO process for most people. We get around this by copying the content from Scalenut into Surfer and sending those to our writers, but this process is not ideal for everyone and prevents it from being a standalone tool for agencies.

Content Optimizer Is Not An Audit

The content optimizer is helpful, but I wouldn't consider it a complete auditing tool because you can't select competitors or track progress over time. Content optimizer is article writer with the Content Brief and Cruise Mode removed. The optimizer is helpful, and I use it, but a full auditing tool or allowing the other features would make more sense.

Ai Is Based On Connectors

This is a minor complaint common in most AI writing tools that bothers me and almost no one else. I attempt to follow Orwell's Politics And The English Language guide for clear writing. "If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out." is a clear tenant of good writing, and connectors are words that can always be cut. I remove connectors from every piece of writing that humans or AI do, so the concept of artificially adding them is, to me, absurd. All AI writing is overly wordy, most people don't care about this, and it doesn't affect how I use the tool, so this is just a personal pet peeve.

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut has three pricing plans as well as a free version. The only limit that will matter to you is the number of SEO article writers, or as they refer to it in their pricing as "Create SEO Articles," The lowest plan is $39 a month for five articles, the middle plan is $79 a month for 30 articles, and their highest plan is $149 for 75 articles. If you buy an annual plan, the prices are reduced by 40%, or if you use this link: and use code FOREVER20, you can get a 20% discount on their monthly plans. The main difference between the plans besides the editors is that the top tier plan also allows extra users and a dedicated customer service manager. The top two plans also include unlimited AI words.

A Critical Component Of Our Multistep Content Process

Our SEO content process involves multiple steps and tools. Scalenut is pivotal to this process as it is how we create the content briefs and get our first AI draft. We also use Scalenut to optimize our content and ensure we have answered questions for featured snippets.

Scalenut Integrations

Scalenut integrates with Semrush to create better keyword clusters and keyword research. This can be helpful and will improve the tool, but if you already use Semrush, you already have access to these features. When creating an article writer, using the power up mode from Semrush can make the process faster.

WordPress Publisher

Scalenut can publish directly to WordPress using their WordPress publisher integration. As I do not use WordPress, I cannot speak to the usefulness of this tool.

Semrush Cluster Booster

The Semrush Cluster Booster allows you to find more topic clusters than you typically would by integrating into Semrush's data. You are still able to use the keyword planner and topic clusters without the cluster booster, but if you have both tools this will help.


Scalenut integrates into Copyscape to check for plagiarized content more easily.

Hybrid Ai Is The Future Of Content

Scalenut is a must have tool. It is quickly becoming one of the strongest on page SEO editors, and it has some features that other tools do not have. AI is becoming part of every SEO and content marketers toolset, and Scalenut has found a clever way to utilize AI while still using human editing and intelligence. By using a hybrid AI system instead of a full AI system, you can generate long form content at AI speeds with human quality.

Scalenut's Content Marketing Strategy

AI Content writing tools are pivotal to mass producing content and reaching topical authority for your website. Scalenut is the best content writing tool that we use to regularly and quickly produce high quality content. Creating content can be a tedious and time consuming process, especially if you want SEO friendly content. Having a tool that can handle multiple parts of the SEO and content generation process, including keyword research, long form writing, and content optimization, makes Scalenut an SEO assistant that works well as an all-in-one tool or a piece of a multistep workflow.

Signup For Scalenut

If you want to signup for Scalenut to try it yourself follow this link and use code FOREVER20 to save 20% off every month.


What Are The Benefits Of Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI powered SEO assistant and optimizer. It is an AI content writing tool that can generate short form content, social media posts, and SEO friendly blog posts. It is also an SEO tool that helps with research and on page optimization. Scalenut's main benefit is speeding up content creation using a hybrid AI writer titled cruise mode.

How Does Scalenut Work

Scalenut uses OpenAI with a proprietary NLP model that focuses on keyword density and related keywords to write an SEO friendly blog post in under 10 minutes.

What Is The Difference Between Chat GPT And Scalenut

Both Chat GPT And Scalenut use open AI for AI generative responses, but Chat GPT responds in chat based communication while Scalenut focuses on SEO optimized long form blog articles. Chat GPT can also help code and answer questions, while Scalenut evaluates has special systems for evaluating competitors, doing keyword research, and optimizing SEO articles.

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