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Why You Need Good Web Hosting

Web hosting is a pivotal part of every website, and something that most business owners often take for granted. The quality of your hosting often determines the speed, security, and reliability of your website. Hosting a website yourself can be complicated, and if you don’t know how to do it can lead to detrimental effects. Slow cheap hosting can cost you significantly in leads, sales, and traffic.


If your website is hacked, or if you make a mistake when updating it, you need backups so you don’t lose everything and have to rebuild your site.


You need reliable web hosting to ensure your website is available when your customers need to view it. While it is impossible to guarantee 100% uptime, many hosts are able to guarantee 99.99% availability.


The longer it takes for a website to load the more likely your visitors will leave. This will also heavily affect your traffic and reduce your search engine rankings.

Fully managed web hosting

We do not offer, or sell, hosting for websites we did not build, but we include it with all our monthly packages. We believe that good hosting is an essential component of a website’s success, so we include complete hands-off hosting. You will not have to do or worry about a thing. We use premium web hosting so your site will be fast and secure. We also make multiple automatic backups so if something ever does go wrong, we can fix it quickly and easily with no effort on your part.

Maintenance & Updates

In a perfect world you could build your website and forget about it, but unfortunately as technology changes so will your website. If you don’t maintain your website, it will slowly become more vulnerable to hackers and start to break due to technology changes. Without updates your website will slowly become outdated and less in line with your business, which will hurt conversions and take time more time to manage. Maintenance and updates are essential components of your website’s success.

Our website maintenance packages

Similar to web hosting, we do not offer, or sell, site maintenance for websites we did not build. This is because a well-built website takes significantly less time and effort to properly maintain than a badly built website. Many web designers take shortcuts by installing lots of plugins. Those plugins must be maintained and updated to prevent security leaks and breaks on your site. By hosting, maintaining, and updating the websites we build we are guaranteeing that your site is built properly, because we are the ones that will have to spend the extra time fixing it if something goes wrong. We automatically update everything behind the scenes without you having to worry about it. In most cases it will be so easy on you that you literally will not even know anything was done. Maintenance covers all the technology costs and updates as well as necessary updates to keep in line with changing digital environments like ADA requirements or new Google recommendations.

Updating your website

Your website should grow with your business. For this to be possible you need to be able to easily change your website as your business changes, and as the world changes. We include regular updates with all our monthly website packages. For clients that want to be able to edit content on their own we also build our websites in a way that makes it extremely easy for you to edit all your content without any skills, experience, or risk of breaking anything. And of course, if you don’t want to worry about making changes yourself, we will also make all necessary changes for you. We like to say that we build forever websites. We keep your website up to date and make sure that it is always moving forward to stay in line with your business, the market, and current design trends.

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