Full Service Marketing

All In One Marketing

Most of the time a marketing agency will sell you what they know. If they do social media they will try to sell you a social media campaign, if they do SEO they will try to convince you that SEO is the most important facet of marketing today, if they are a phone book company they will try to convince you that they are still relevant. At Geniuses For Hire we are focused on what will get you the best results, not what will make us money. We have an all in one marketing plan that allows us to handle various forms of your advertising and marketing to make things easier for both of us. With a single budget we will place ads where they will be the most helpful to you, so you don’t need a budget for every single service. This allows us to have better synergy among your marketing services to increase performance, reduce overall cost, and make things significantly easier for you. These plans allow you to have an experienced full service marketing representative at a lower cost. We handle everything from website development to printing business cards, and all the services will be taken out of the single monthly budget. Need something that we don’t do? We will provide marketing management and hire other businesses that specialize in that specific task. This plan is for people that take their business and their marketing seriously but don’t want to get bogged down with specific details of things.

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