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Custom Web Design In Odessa, Texas

Geniuses For Hire is a full service marketing and web development agency based in Odessa, Texas. We design and develop our websites specifically for your needs. Our designs are clean, professional, and our websites are fast, and contain everything your business website needs. We believe in putting customers first so we don’t charge anything up front. We completely design and build your website before you pay anything. Once your website is live you can pay monthly instead of in a large month sum so you don’t have to worry about a large investment in a product and company you haven’t seen yet. We include hosting, maintenance, and updates with all our websites – so you won’t ever have to worry about designing a website again.

Web Design Made Simple

We learned long ago that building a website can be an overwhelming process for a lot of small businesses. You need logos, copywriting, pictures, navigation, design, contact forms, live chat, and much more. We built our business around the concept of making things as simple as possible for you. We can do your logos, your copywriting, your design and development, and include a whole host of things for free you probably didn’t even know you needed. The only thing we will ever need from you is input and approval. Have questions about how it works? Check out our web design service to learn more.

A Marketing Centric Approach

Your goal isn’t to have a website, you are looking for the benefits that a website can provide. You want more traffic, more sales, more customers, and to make running your business easier and more efficient with better profit margins. Because we are a full-service marketing agency, we focus on how your website will meet your goals. Our designs center around facilitating your business goals. Websites shouldn’t just look good they should get you more customers – and doing that takes much more work than making it look good.

Odessa, Texas Based Agency

Finding a reputable quality agency in Odessa is not easy. We know because we have looked. We all know how high rent costs have gotten here, how busy everyone is, and how behind marketing is for most businesses in this area. We serve locations all over the country and apply that knowledge to this smaller local area to help you dominate your competition. If you need an industrial looking website for your oilfield business, we can help you with minimal effort on your part.

Risk Free Web Development

We have done our best to make our websites and other marketing services as risk free as possible. We guarantee all our products and you only pay if you will end up using it. The process of paying up front for something you haven’t seen and then later having to hire someone else because the delivered product fell short of the salesman’s promises is, to us, an extremely disheartening process. We only want clients that are happy with us and our work. How many other agencies will guarantee their work?

Print Marketing Materials

Need professional business cards or brochures and aren’t sure where to start? We offer both design and printing of all marketing materials. Our cards are so luxurious once you use them you won’t ever want to go back to your standard vista print materials. We offer business cards with laser die cutting, foil embossing, extra thick in suede, silk, and even wood. Our brochures are extra thick with foil embossing to be extra eye catching.

Trusted In A Variety Of Industries

Logo for Conscious Ascension.  A meditating man inside of a pyramid that is in side of a C to form an abstract CA for the brand letters.
Logo for 3G construction.
Gravity Metal Roofing logo.  The icon is a G with an abstract metal roof forming the line on the G.
Logo For The Law Office Of Laura Carpenter.  The icon is a square C with a line missing to form an abstract L inside the C.
Escape Connection logo. The E and C form a lock and key while the other letters are comprised of various escape room elements.
Logo for Eco-Tech Solutions.  A leaf surrounding a globe with their business name.
Logo for Ashley Rice Makeup Artistry. A makeup brush is the L and a lipstick is the i.
Logo for Revival Float Spa.  The business name with curved lines underneath it to signify water.
Logo for Rocket Contracting.  A C with an R inside it that looks like a house.
Logo for Jessica Childers Realtor.  A house with a key and the business name.

Words From Genius Customers

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Highly recommend for website development, design, and marketing.

I’ve been working with Alex and his team for years! Always a great experience. Highly recommend for website development, design, and marketing. Josh Reyes - Revival Float Spa

Talents and skills that can't be matched!

Alex with Geniuses For Hire is a creative web designer with talents and skills that can't be matched! Shonna Harper - James Harper OD

My business more than doubled

My business more than doubled in the first year of using their company to market my business. I wouldn't even consider using someone else. Laura Carpenter - Law Office Of Laura Carpenter

I wouldn’t consider using anyone else!

Highly Recommend. Very knowledgeable and exceeds expectation. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else! Jessica Childers - Jessica Childers Realtor

Alexander Graham Bell working on a futuristic monitor with a ringing phone and open livechat tab while floating in space.
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Alexander Graham Bell working on a futuristic monitor with a ringing phone and open livechat tab while floating in space.
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