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Why Hire Us

Geniuses For Hire sets itself apart from the competition by aiming to provide more value for their clients than anyone else. We do this by following some simple principles.

Continual Improvement

We follow the kaizen approach, which is continual improvement in all areas. Small incremental improvements over time lead to better results than large changes only after a system has become outdated. We will make small changes to your website so that it improves over time instead of the typical approach of abandoning it until you are forced to start over and build a new one. Your website will improve over time as we make the necessary changes to keep up with technology and the growth of your company. We will also manage your marketing packages by ensuring that they are performing within acceptable margins. If we feel something isn’t performing at the level it should be then we will change our strategy and recommend new approaches. We value our clients and work to help make your company better. With us you aren’t just getting someone that is building a website or managing a Facebook page, you are getting an ally whose goal is helping you succeed.

Cost Benefit

We don’t believe in sales. Sales people do their best to convince you that you need their product because their livelihood depends on you buying it, even if it is overpriced or you don’t need it. We only recommend the products we believe will help your business, and we only recommend the levels that are appropriate to your industry and area. People are often interested in things that are a waste of investment and won’t help them, like phone books, paying to be featured on a website that doesn’t have visitors, or some type of marketing that doesn’t fit their industry. We tell people to save money more often than we tell them to increase their budgets. We only focus on things that will help your business.

Your Interests

We think that incrementally improving your marketing budget and website features are better than starting out buying a lot of different services that you may not actually need. You should always market according to some basic concepts. The current scale of your business. If you currently spend ten thousand a month in marketing you don’t want to jump directly to thirty thousand a month, but you don’t want to scale back to five thousand a month either. How aggressive do you want your business growth to be? Trying to grow by 40% a year is a completely different strategy than trying to grow by 5% a year. What is the level of competition in your industry and area? A real estate agent will have a completely different budget and strategy than a lawyer. And an office in New York City, will have a completely different level of competition than one in Dallas, Texas.