Kaizen is continual improvement in all areas.

Most web designers today charge an up front fee, build your website, and then abandon it. The website will slowly become outdated and lose functionality over time until a few years later when you decide to hire a new web designer and start the entire process over by building a new website. Better web companies will do minor fixes like address / phone number changes, or SEO balancing, and make sure there aren’t any broken links or missing pictures, but the website still slowly becomes outdated until a new designer is hired to build a new website.

If you currently have a website you are probably familiar with how this process works. It is not a process we believe in. Geniuses For Hire implements the kaizen principle with all of their websites. Your website will actually improve over time as small updates and upgrades are done each month. If you want to implement a new marketing strategy you can do that without building a new website. If you decide that you want to add functionality or change your homepage design then you can do exactly that without having to start the entire process over with someone new. This allows you to always stay modern and at the front of technology as new web techniques develop.

Using our kaizen method you will never have to worry about hiring a web designer again. It will save you significant time and money while giving you unparalleled results. Contact us today for us to build your forever website.