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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get most often. If you can't find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

  • I can build a website myself, why would I hire you?

    Do it yourself web builders like Wix and Squarespace are becoming more and more popular. These sites can often give you good designs that look as good as or even better than an actual developer. The problem is what you are wanting the website for, which is probably to get clients or increase your brand. Good design is only one very small part of making this happen. Websites are effective when:
    1. The website is seen. It needs to be towards the top of search engines and drive traffic from other sources.
    2. It is accessible across all devices and browsers (Computers/Tablets/Phones, Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Internet Explorer/Edge)
    3. It has good engaging content that users want to see.
    4. It has higher conversion percentages.
    People focus on design because it is what they know, but it is secondary, and often contrary, to all of these things. Would you rather be able to say “I have a good website that I saved money and designed myself” or “My new website and marketing increased revenue by 50% this year “?
    There is so much that goes into properly designing a business website that it definitely falls into the category of things you don't know you don't know. You may feel like you did a great job, but you will be missing absolutely pivotal things that you just weren't aware needed to be done. Honestly this is something you need to be careful of with any web agency, because a lot of them will use these same do it yourself web builders and present you a product you don't know is missing critical components.

  • What do you charge?

    Websites start at $300 a month. This includes basic SEO, domain costs, premium hosting costs, mobile design, contact forms, job applications, FAQs, and as many pages as you need. (Within reason, generally less than 100). Additional charges may be needed for large, custom, or complex projects, which requires a personal quote.

    Advertising costs are 10% of the budget across the board. If you pay Google $2000 we charge $200, if you pay Facebook $500 we charge $50. Simple.

    Social media heavily varies depending on how active the account is and how many platforms you need to utilize, so it requires a personal quote.

    Blog articles are $200 an article with possible discounts for recurring subscriptions.

    Email Marketing / Newsletters are $50 a month for one and $50 for additional.

    Videos are around $1000-$2000+, these vary by content type and length.

    For accurate prices, it is best to contact us. We always let you know up front what something will cost, there will never be any hidden fees or surprises.

  • How long are your minimum contracts?

    We think long term contracts are for companies that sell clients on things they can’t deliver. We believe in our products, so everything is month to month and can be canceled with 30 days notice at any time. We want you to want to be our client.

  • Do you serve my location?

    If your country doesn’t have extensive internet restrictions then yes, we can. Though there will be an additional fee if we must hire a translator for the content.

  • Do you…?

    Short answer is yes. We do our best to be full service and provide everything that your business needs to provide the proper synergy between campaigns.
    Long answer is you need to contact us because providing a list of what we can do is too extensive to be manageable

  • Have you handled clients in x industry?

    This is a common question and the honest answer is it doesn’t matter. Some web companies specialize in specific industries so that they can resell the same templates and content over and over. All our websites are custom to your business, and marketing practices are the same for very every industry. On our end, there is no difference between a lawyer, a doctor, or an oilfield company. We may recommend different products based on where your clients come from, but our end is always specific to you, not the industry. There is a common mantra that if you can sell anything you can sell everything, and this is even more true for building websites or handling marketing.

  • What is the process?

    Once you contact us we will send you a creative brief and evaluate your current website, current marketing, competition, and your area. We try to determine what you want from a website as well as the most complex thing your business requires. We then send you a marketing proposal with our recommendations and costs. Once you s we will obtain the necessary content from you and begin building your website. Once it is finished you can determine whether you want to pay us to launch the website as well as request any changes you may want. The entire process requires active communication on both sides to make sure we have the right vision for what your company needs.

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